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At CHMI Indobionics we understand the importance of functioning limbs for good quality of life. That is why we are helping you retain or regain mobility. We specialize in sophisticated and affordable prosthetic devices that listens to the patients and adapts its functions accordingly. With the help of advance technology and our extensive research we ensure to provide the best quality of light weight functioning artificial limbs.


With the help of our extraordinary team we have also succeeded in developing the world’s first reusable HERNIA TACKER. Once used, this can be autoclaved and it becomes completely sterile, ready for the next use. It is proving to be a cost-effective alternative to the existing tacks.


With our strong technical team we have been developing indigenous sensors for various applications in biomedical devices. The latest innovation we are working on is the CARDIAC ARREST PREDICTOR. A device like none other, it manages to predict a cardiac arrest hours before it actually occurs. We also manufacture our own medical grade sensors for EMG and ECG machines.


Robotic arm for doctors to perform cancer research in radioactive conditions.

Our Story

We Got Started Because We Want to Make the World A Better Place

We are a bunch of crazy engineers and awesome doctors who believe we can join hands and solve some of the biggest problems in the healthcare industry. This dynamic relationship has resulted in us developing the world’s first myo electric prosthetic arm. A robotic prosthetic arm that has sensory feedback.

We combine global cutting edge technology with extensive local experience to provide artificial limbs, supportive devices and mobility solutions that can improve the quality of life of disabled people.. Our extensive research in the medical field, combined with our technical experience helps us come up with the optimal solutions.



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Humza Shaikh

Co-Founder & CEO

Ehsan Khan

Co-Founder & CTO

Moin Shaikh

System Engineer

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